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What is a Small Group? It's a group of people (usually 4-12) who gather in homes, restaurants, the church, and various other locations to connect with believers and to do life together. In a small group, you will find caring people who not only know your name, but share your concerns and support you in your spiritual journey. It's a place to...


Connect with a small group that fits your needs here!

Join us to find out more about small groups!  We'll introduce you to others like you who are looking to connect and find "A Place To Belong."  We have several existing groups and new group are forming.  Choose one of the following dates to connect and learn more.

  • Small Group Connection

    October 22 | During 9:15 or 11am Service in Room 9

    October 25 | 6:45pm in the Chapel

    October 28 | After 6pm Service in Room 13

    October 29 | During 9:15 or 11am Service in Room 9

    For more information contact Don Hanney at dhanney@faithtroy.org

    or 248.689.4713 x300