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Being a parent can be hard.  We're always running into new challenges and new conversations.

That's why we wanted to provide you with some resources for some of life's more challenging moments.

Moments like your kids using social media.  Or talking to your kids about faith.  How about talking to your kids about sexual integrity?  

For each of these unique moments, we'll have a Phase Night to talk about the subject and an online list of resources for you to download to help navigate these conversations.

Phase Nights 6:30-8PM on the following Wednesdays:

Watch here for future Phase Nights

Should my kids use social media? When should they be allowed to use it? How can I protect them?

These are just a few of the questions we all ask when it comes to our kids and their use of technology.  

We've provided a few resources for you to help you navigate some of your questions.

 Technological Responsibility Road Map ( A Guide to key conversations and ages for technological conversations)

We believe that technology should be a regular conversation in every family.  Those conversations look different in every phase so we have these guides to help you navigate appropriate conversations in each age:

Preschool Age Technology Conversation Guide

Elementary Age Technology Conversation Guide

Middle School Age Technology Conversation Guide

High School Age Technology Conversation Guide

We've found several articles that we think can help you think about how to help your kids navigate the online world:

Cell Phone Agreement

Resources coming soon.

Resources coming soon.